Read the experiences, stories, successes, challenges, and insights of all our teachers and administrators in their day to day lives as we change education, in which we prioritize social justice, critical thinking, and a global awareness mindset as much as we prioritize literacy, science, and math skills. At VLA, we are not only giving our kids academic skills, but also critical skills and global awareness. We are teaching kids a critical and analytical perspective of all regions of the world and its chronological history. Some of the topics each class will cover include their own communities, a critical and chronological world history that covers all regions throughout time, human patterns, the social construction of race, past and present justices and injustices, and global responsibility.

Our students and fellow educators will undoubtedly face many adversities and successes ahead as we embark on this journey together as a school family.  Our kids are up against an entire perpetuating system of social, economic, and historical injustices that have followed them for too long. However, as educators, we will team with our students to relentlessly seek justice through education. Our staff firmly believes that not only will we teach our kids about justice (despite injustice in the world), but we will also spread justice through our children and their future successes.

Follow our journey and read our story…