1. Met with the Minister of Education to Team about the impact of the education disparities on the economy of the DRC

2. Toured the American School of Kinshasa (TASOK), an independent coeducational day school

3. Participated in a youth-led open forum with Little Things, a grass-roots, non-profit youth advocacy group that provides educational support and empowerment opportunities for youth women in the DRC

4. Visited the Government Headquarters of Germana to learn about the local sustainable farming needs of the community

5. Participated in the you soccer tournament

6. Attended a community gathering hosted by Communaute’ Evangelique de l’Ubangi-Mongala (CEUM) which explored the cultural connections between the people of the DRC and African Americans

7. Visited a coffee plantation and volunteered on a farm to learn about the agriculture of Germena

8. Traveled to Karawa and Bogene to learn more about rural life and traditional customs

9. Visited the Karawa General Hospital to learn about the healthcare needs of the region (e.g. reliable electricity, adequate healthcare funding, and medical resources to combat malaria and malnutrition)

10. Toured the Zulu Dam, a hydroelectric station in Zulu Falls, to learn about the resource needs of the region and the impact of the underdevelopment in the area