Village Leadership Academy’s highly skilled staff of educators engages students in deep exploration of relevant high interest content in math, science, reading, language arts, social science, physical development, health awareness, fine arts, world languages (Spanish), social emotional development, technology and leadership development. This content is clearly explained, illustrated, modeled, reinforced and mastered with structured, guided and independent practice. We provide a superior education, grounded in real world experiences that help our students develop knowledge, skills, productive habits and a critical intellect. The academy guides students in realizing their potential for academic excellence and supports them in gaining the skills necessary to transform and advance their community, nation, and world.


We want to see our society become one where the principles of social, political and economic equity are the reality. We envision a society where people from all communities are equipped to address the social, political and economic issues that confront them. We believe that children’s education should reflect this vision. VLA will bring the experiences and skills of students into the learning process. Our students will respect the dignity of all people while preserving their ethnic and cultural heritage, and will engage in service learning to reinforce classroom concepts. VLA will use our collective knowledge, best educational practices, relevant data, and regular assessment to shape our curriculum and instruction.