Our Core Values are the most important underlying principles or beliefs that are the basis for our vision, goals, strategies, plans, policies, and actions. These values reveal what we strive for and give us our identity. Woven within these core values is the expectation that communication will occur in a variety of ways across the community, including active listening and the free exchange of thoughts and ideas.

  1. Community – We strive to develop a sense of unity within the school, community, nation and world.


  1. Leadership – We seek to empower, nurture and inspire individuals to be innovative and resourceful leaders within their own spheres.


  1. Scholarship – We encourage intellectual curiosity, knowledge acquisition and dissemination, and expansion of educational practices for performance improvement.


  1. Responsibility – We hold ourselves accountable for carrying out our roles in an exemplary manner.


  1. Respect– We acknowledge and value each person’s unique capabilities, knowledge and potential for excellence.


  1. Empathy – We seek to understand the experiences and feelings of others and  respond appropriately.


  1. Global Citizenship – We identify as members of a global community, recognizing that our actions have broad-based implications.


  1. Integrity – We operate in an ethical, fair, and reliable manner in our work and relationships.


We hold ourselves accountable and responsible for adhering to these core values, as we seek to fulfill the vision and mission of  Village Leadership Academy.