As evidenced by our name, Village Leadership Academy is committed to developing leaders.  At VLA we believe that, “Tomorrow belongs to the children who are prepared today.”  Our richly diverse leadership development programming is designed with that in mind.

GrassRoots Campaigns (GRC)

GrassRoots Campaigns are service-learning projects geared toward developing leadership skills wherein students work together to help solve a societal problem that is affecting individuals in their community, nation or world.  Through their participation, students develop essential leadership skills by: thinking critically, developing public speaking abilities, and planning for and executing programs, presentations and interdisciplinary activities.  The leadership capabilities that are gained from participating in the GrassRoots Campaign process are invaluable for our students and put them firmly on the road towards becoming 21st century leaders and innovators.  All students in every grade level, Kindergarten through eighth grade, engage in a GrassRoots Campaign each academic year.

Social Justice Curriculum

The social justice curriculum aims to empower and develop a key set of knowledge, critical thinking skills and drive for justice in our students as they seek to better their communities, nation and world.  The spiraling curriculum is student-centered, in which they uncover lessons of justice from their lives, global history, and current events.  Students learn to embrace their own cultural heritage while respecting the many cultures and histories of the world.  Students at every grade level participate in a social justice class four times weekly.  This unique and innovative course replaces a more traditional social studies or history class.


Tabura, in the African language of Kiswahili, literally means ‘drill’ or ‘training’, as in a drill training team.  We use the term to describe the discipline we practice and implement to build and teach practical leadership skills.  With this ancient African discipline, we assist our students to challenge themselves to not only be leaders, but to be disciplined leaders, ready to take on whatever challenge they are presented with to move their communities forward.  This course is offered to all students in first grade and above.