Village Leadership Academy’s middle school program is designed for students in grades five through eight.  All middle school students receive instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, and social justice delivered by content area experts as students transition to the various classrooms.  Instruction in science, art, music, Spanish and physical education is provided by instructors with training in those particular content areas.  VLA proudly boasts small class sizes at the middle school level as well.  Core class sizes are twenty or fewer.  All middle school students are also provided with small group and individual instruction and meet with lead teachers in core subjects on a daily basis.  Middle school classes function on at least one grade level above their current grade.  Middle school instructors ensure that students progress 1.5 years each academic year by closely monitoring and assessing students both formally and informally.

The middle school program also allows for the self-selection of many special elective courses and clubs such as Debate, Drama, Science Club, Cross Country, Yearbook/Journalism, Homework Club and many others.  Middle school students are charged with being an example to our elementary school participants and are encouraged to partner with elementary school students on school initiatives and programs. In a like manner, middle school program participants are also encouraged to network and explore beyond the walls of VLA on school sponsored excursions such as educational endeavors to Washington, D.C., and Springfield, IL, visit various local colleges and universities, speak at and attend conferences and community hearings, and participate in international service as members of the World Scholars Program. All VLA students have access to tutoring services in reading and math.